Foundation and University publication

December, 2021

The mystery of rising balloons

Madhav Kelkar

Water loss in plants

Kishore Panwar

A new home for ajiri

Sujatha Padmanabhan

The stronger bond

Aditi Chandrasekar

Growing a forest

Anand Narayanan
Radha Gopalan

Reveling in our soundscape

Mrinal Shah

Measuring earth’s size

Amol Anandrao Kate

Place-based learning of science: experiences in integration

Poornima Arun

Connecting learning to the natural world

Nature Classrooms

How do we know what stars are made up of?

Rajaram Nityananda

Paying attention to what children do: explorations of sound

Anish Mokashi

When is noon?

Alok Mandavgane
Varuni P.

Teaching food relationship

Saurav Shome

Observing birds: connecting with our natural environment

Gowthama Rajavelu
Soundarajan R

Explore your surroundings with the foldscope

Rafikh Rashid Shaikh