Foundation Publications

At Right Angles

Issue 11, November 2021

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Kasuti : the mathematics of embroidery

Nishtha Chhabra

Spoof numbers and spoof solutions - part I

V.G. Tikekar

Verbal communication in a mathematics classroom

Arddhendu Shekhar Dash

Areas of triangles between two parallel lines with same base are equal : proof(?) by paper folding

Baburajan K.

Quantifying steepness – a reflection

Jayasree S

My Square is your Triangle! – The king said to Pascal

Rajesh Sadagopan

Finding out area by using symmetry

Preeti Dhasmana

The Tachymeter and the Hyperbola

James Metz

Deciphering the median formula - part 2 : from the Ogives

Mathematics Co-Development Group

Bachet’s problem

A Ramachandran

An easy proof of Ptolemy’s theorem

Radhakrishnamurty Padyala

Middle school problems-theme: number of digits

A Ramachandran

Angle trisection – an approximate procedure

Manoranjan Ghoshal

Exploring and connecting : inradius and factorisation

Swasti Patil
Siddharth Laxshmisha
Davin Christino and Vinay Nair

Solution to a problem from the CMI entrance test 2020

Praneetha Kalbhavi

A functional equation from APMO 2019

Shreyas S Adiga

A relation between polynomial and exponential functions

Soham Purkait

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