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The (un)popular view of mathematics being a terrifying subject takes a completely new twist with the first article in which a mathematician takes on a terrorist threat! The hunt for answers to a mathematical problem is usually an absorbing one, at least to aficionados of the subject but Arun Vaidya's fascinating story I M Code makes it a matter of life and death.
Following this, we have an article on another application of mathematics: Interpolation by Sankaran Viswanath. You will see again how mathematics is a tool for prediction, and how data can be fitted into mathematical expressions which then provide a mathematical model. From here, we move on to card tricks; yes, fun and mathematics can go together - and At Right Angles shows you how in Suhas Saha's Ternary Base Magic Trick. A quick peek behind the magic reveals patterns based on the ternary base, it's not as complex as it sounds, read on to find out. Our Features section ends with Shailesh Shirali's exposition on Quadrilaterals with Perpendicular Diagonals, a nice bouquet of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry for you.

At Right Angles

August 2017

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Prithwijit De and Shailesh Shirali

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