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Member Publications

By ​Samir Karmakar
Hard News
June 03, 2012
Since higher education is the avenue to institutional recognition and establishment, we should create opportunities of learning through the mother tongue unlike the various proposals of structural and gradual replacement of multilingualism...
By ​Sudheer Krishnaswamy
Business World
May 26, 2012
Ranbeer Singh's dilemma is not uncommon. Do professional managers or directors in a company owe a single-minded allegiance to senior management and in turn to the owners and shareholders or should they hold themselves accountable to...
By Anurag Behar
May 16, 2012
What is worth teaching, learning and exploring is a crucial issue for any educational system and institution. Somehow this does get decided. This is not just about today, but has been true for thousands of years.
By ​Sailen Routray
Hard News
May 04, 2012
At the centre of the non-fictional account of Behind the Beautiful Forevers lies an event, a trial, and a question. The event is the self-immolation by Fatima, a resident of the Annawadi slum in the Mumbai suburb of Andheri, nestling on...
By Ashish Singh
May 02, 2012
Using multivariate analyses and reading, mathematics and writing scores of children (aged 8–11 years) from a nationally representative sample, we find that children from female headed households either perform better or similar, but never...
By Anurag Behar
May 02, 2012
One of my bright young colleagues referred to the teacher being in the front line of “service delivery”. This surprised me. His understanding and sensibilities in education should not have permitted him to use that phrase, but he did.

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